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    Syncronous meetings will be held on a private IRC server in channel #ccarc.  The channel ops are Peter Fetterer KB3GTN (president) and Andrew Buettner KB3HNS (vice president).  Our server is port 6667.  For those of you who do not know anything about IRC, a brief tutorial follows.  

    IRC, or Internet Relay Chat is a service that allows groups of people to chat in real time.  It is a multi threaded application that supports chatrooms, message boards and three moderator levels.  (Op, Voice, and user).  There are many flavors of IRC to include ircii, BitchX, X-Chat, kvIrc, and mIRC.  The one that you choose to use is ultimately up to you.   For your convienience, we have supplied a copy of X-Chat for you to use.  We also supplied a brief how-to to using X-Chat to attend syncronous meetings.  

Download X-Chat

    After downloading the file, double click it and an installer will begin.  You can use the defaults for installing.  Once the program has installed, you may open the program.  

    Upon running the program for the first time, a server dialog box will appear.  Under nickname you will want to put the name that you will want to go by, and up to two others in case yours is taken.  Suggestions for a name are your callsign, or an abbreviated version of your name.  Anything really goes here A name can be pretty much anything up to 20 characters.  It is case sensitive, but you can use any case.  For name, you should type in your name.  "Andrew Buettner" for me would be sufficient.  Username should be a copy of your nick name.  

    The next thing is that you need to create a new server entry to connect to the correct irc server.  Click on "New Server."  A new window should appear.  The server name can be anything that you want to use to remember this server.  "CCARC" will suffice if nothing else comes to mind.  For server enter "" without the quotes.  Port should be set to 6667.  There is no password required to connect.  Channels should be "#ccarc" but this is not necessary.  Nickname should be your nichname that you chose from the previous section.  You can leave connect command.  You may enable autoconnect if you want the program to automatically connect to the server when you start it.  Enable use proxy if you need this.  (Most people do not.)  No not enable Use SSL or you not be able to connect.  Once this has been completed click on OK.  

    Once the server has been created, you can double click on the new entry that should now appear.  Momentarily a black text screen will appear and give you the details of connecting.  For the most part, you can ignore everything here, unless someting goes wrong.  Once connected, you will have a black bar at the bottom of the window.  This is a text entry box.  All text will be entered here.  The first thing that you will need to do is enter the ccarc chat forum, if you already haven't.  To do this, you need to type "/join #ccarc" without the quotations.  A new tab will appear at the bottom of the window with the text #ccarc.  You will need to ensure that this tab is active.  Once that chatroom is active, you may begin "chatting."  You may enter text in the text entry window.  The only rule is that you cant begine a message with a forward slash as this denotes a command.  Any text that you enter is viewable by all people in the chat room.  

    If you need additional assistance, please feel free to ask anyone who is in the room, or mail