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Upcoming Events


    Now that the equipment for the hamshack has been purchased we need the membership to help us out to get on the air.  We have purchased an ICOM-2720, which is a 2m/440 dual band radio with wide band receive.  We will need proposals for set up, espically with our new diamond antenna.  We also will need help setting up the shack and preparing it for use.  We have everything necessary to operate a 2M/440 radio station, and expand onto the HF bands next semester.  We will need the assistance of the full membership to accomplish this though.  Please help us by visiting the message baord and posting your comments.  

Westminister Ham Fest:

     We will be going to the Mason - Dixon Ham Fest held in Carrol County.  The event will be held at the Carrol County Argicultural Center in Westminister, MD.  Talk in is on the 145.410 (-600) repeater.  (K3PZN)  Gates open at 8:00 am on Sunday, October 26th.   Prof. Charles Conner has volunteered to chaperone this event.  All are welcome to attend.  Follow <this link> for more details.  We will be meeting infront of B-1 in the residence life.  We will be departing promptly at 7:00 am.

Colligiate QSO Contest:

     The weekend of November 15 - 16 we will be participating in the National QSO contest.  We will be using callsign KB3HNS for all contacts.  We will be running HF - 440 except 220.  We will have at least one radio in continuous operation and will be based out of the Hamshack.  All are invited to attend.  Note:  Since we will be using a call with Extra class privelages, there will be no restrictions for licence classes.  Individuals may also wish to make personal contacts.  They must use their own callsign and conform to part 97 rules.  For more information on the event please visit or

Other Hamfests:

    Throughout the year we will be going to other hamfests.  Please let us know VIA the message boards as to which ones there is an interest in attending.  Information on local hamfests can be found at