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The Timonium Hamboree and Computerfest

     Well, another Timonium has come and gone.  While the weather caused a small tailgating turnout, and shortened the hamfest for most by a day, we were able to get most everything that was on the shopping list.  We were able to get all the equipment necessary to run a radio station for 2 meters and 440MHz.  We now will begin to actively set up a fully operational radio station.  We will be seting up the radio, our existing Drake R4 receiver, and necessary equipment.  We have an oscilloscope assigned to us, and we will be getting a computer with internet access to use for EchoLink, or any other number of uses such as station logging, and packet.  We will also need to clean the shack out at some point before we can begin to use it for radio purposes.

   To see what we purchased, and for how much please click <here>.